Far too many entrepreneurs think success means dropping your creative lifestyle and giving up the “real you.”

That’s not true. 

Success simply means learning to work smart! 

Here’s some tough love from me, a seasoned entrepreneur and international speaker, to you: 

You can add as many letters next to your name as you want, and work as many hours as you can, but your ability to make money doesn’t rely on how pumped up your CV is, which industry you work in, or the number of hours you put in. 

It relies on how well you’ve articulated your point of difference, and how great you are at capitalizing  / leveraging what you bring to the table. 

The biggest rewards and accolades go to the people and organizations that have marked their space in this world, those who aren't afraid to be different... and are able to monetize that difference. 

For Example… 

I once coached an American Ivy-league graduate who was struggling on a government subsidy, despondent that she’d never be paid for doing what she loved. She felt like she had to take the traditional route of “publish and perish,” and grind along in the academic machine. 

When she founded her education consulting company, people told her she was crazy, and that no one would hire her. 


She’s now running a six-figure business and working with the most prestigious NPOs all across the US. 

So who am I? 

I’m an international author and motivational speaker. I’ve coached over a thousand professionals from all over the world, and made a name for myself as “the Business Coach for Misfits.” 

I’ve been featured in Thrive Global, Huffpost, Elephant Journal, Pick the Brain and Addicted2Success and was the only Asian woman featured in The Money Code and How to Crack It, a book that debuted at #14 on Amazon.

Born into Chinese immigrant family in the Philippines, I’ve always had crazy ideas that I’ve turned into realities. 

I inherited my ancestors’ entrepreneurial skills and was making money from the age of six: buying and selling stationery and confectionary items, dried foods, and whatever else I could get my hands on. 

Despite being a natural entrepreneur, however, coming from a developing country left me feeling like a second class citizen and I struggled for a long time with Impostor Syndrome. 

Who was I to be doing anything big and bold? 

On top of that I'm a millennial, a female, and an all-around misfit with crazy ideas, so I understand what it's like to face hardships, to face your demons, and to feel like you don't fit in. 

So how do I help?

I come up with solutions tailored to your lifestyle

✔️ I listen to you—get to know your passions and your identity—and we clarify your vision for the future.
✔️ Together we establish a road map to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.
✔️Then I help you break down each step you need to take to realize your dream, bit by bit, into manageable-sized pieces. 

We can work one-on-one or in groups, and we can take either a spiritual or practical approach (or a little bit of both!).


“Working one on one with Maria is a DREAM… Maria constantly pushes me out of my comfort zone and introduces me to new ways of ‘being in the business of me.’”

Dr Kirsten Lee Hill, CEO Kirsten Lee Hill Education Consulting;
has a PhD in education from the University of Pennsylvania


“I have said this more than a couple of times and I’ll say it once again, ‘Maria Tan is the best business coach I know and the only one I recommend.’ And I have worked with A LOT of business coaches over the past years. … 

[She] created the space for me to expand and discover what I truly desire to build. But she’s more than manifestation and empowerment, she taught me how to face my finances, to allocate and move around the budget for my business -  something no other business coach has helped me with.”

Jennica Collado, Creative Doula and Way Shower

“Maria guided me on a journey towards expanding my business, but little did I know it was going to be beyond that! … She held space for me to face my fears and beliefs that held me back. … Now I have more confidence running my own online business than ever before, operating with a CEO mindset. … She's an all-in-one person for inner and outer growth. " 

– Dr. Sofia Costa, DPT, Creator of The Costa Method,
Author of
The End of Back Pain: The Secret To Gaining Relief And Staying Active

“Maria has been a Goddess-send!

When I first began working with Maria, I knew that I felt stifled and a bit stuck…  As an intuitive healer, I am really great at holding space for others, but didn't realize how resistant I was to receiving this support back. Over the past few months being coached and witnessed by Maria, I have more than doubled my monthly business revenue consistently, successfully launched a group program called Awaken that has empowered so many women, and have gotten clear on my vision and a plan to bring it into being!”

Diana Dorel Gutierrez (DDG)
Intuitive Love Coach and Spiritual Healer,
Bestselling Author of
The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again


Maria Tan (Maria Kathlyn Tan) is a thought leader, international author, motivational speaker and business coach who mentors “misfits” and “misunderstood geniuses”. Focusing on female entrepreneurs who may not “fit in”, Maria empowers women across the globe  to create success tailored to their lifestyles.

Before coaching online, she was a cross-cultural communications consultant who worked with executives from all over the world and coached over 1000 professionals. Within two years of coaching,  she’s been featured in Huffpost, Elephant Journal, Pick the Brain and Addicted2Success and was the only Asian woman featured in The Money Code and How to Crack It, a book that debuted at #14 on Amazon.

Maria’s 1000+ clients range from American Ivy-league graduates to diplomats.