Everyone wants to be a CEO these days. 

All you need is a laptop and WiFi to get started.

But do you want to be a Want-repreneur... or an Entrepreneur?

For every “CEO” you see, only a small percentage are making profits— AND are happy with how they’re running their business.

Why is that? Because so many coaches take a cookie cutter approach!

Maybe you’re thinking…

"I really want to have a thriving business. I just don’t know how. I’ve followed so many people, joined so many groups, but nobody seems to get me. I’ve tried a few coaches, a few programs, joined masterminds, but I just feel so out-of-place. I keep finding mentors who tell me I can’t build a business around what I have in mind."

This is because many coaches take a “my way or the highway” approach. 

While “their way” may be helpful to many people, a cookie-cutter model with no flexibility is extremely inefficient and potentially detrimental.

The reason why these coaches are so uncompromising is that they don’t have a broad enough experience to see that there are other ways to do things! They’re teaching THE ONLY WAY THEY KNOW.

My experience has shown me there are infinite ways to do businessIt’s not about taking one specific path to success—it’s about honoring who you are, taking control, and creating opportunities to share your vision.

Hi! I’m Maria, aka The Business Coach for Misfits

I’m a global author, speaker and business coach and consultant with over a thousand clients all over the world. I've been published in Huffpost, Elephant Journal, Pick the Brain, the Good Men Project and Addicted2Success. And I was the only Asian woman featured in The Money Code and How to Crack it, a book that debuted at #14 on Amazon.

This is what I know for sure:

You can “create the impossible” and/or “materialize your crazy dream" in a relatively short amount of time when you are able to articulate your vision, your value, and your voice.

In fact, I've helped many do just that—create the sustainability they want to see in their business, without compromising their integrity.

At the end of the day, the only ingredient to successful businesses is clearly knowing who you are and what you sell. This remains the same across entrepreneurs and businesses in different stages, different phases, different cultures, different business models, and different industries.

What others say about working with Maria

My business coach is truly magical!

I don’t even know what to say about my business coach other than she is truly magical. Divinely sendling love at the exact right time, saying the exact right thing and being my cheerleader when all I need is a cheerleader to keep me going. So much love to you @maria_k_tan! I truly believe that the universe guided me to work with you! I’m so thankful to have you as a guide on this journey! Thank you for believing in me and helping me dream bigger!

Bre Warneke
the USA

Perfect! I love you so much!! You have no idea - so invaluable. Best coach ever.

She teaches in a way that is FUN and light while at the same time going straight to the point, which I so appreciate! Thank you Magic Maria - you helped me to have the courage to just be myself and express. Thank you for being so amazing! Knowing that I have someone in my corner who gets me has transformed my business and who I've become as a business owner. I love you!

Diana Dorell Gutierrez
the USA

Maria helped me with so many aspects of my business.

A lot of things came through with (Maria’s) assistance guided me in establishing a key business concept, an exemplary visual and brand, excellent content and most importantly, an efficient utilization of my FB page.

Eric Larue, Privachef

Maria is an outstanding educator who empowers her followers.

She provided me the solid training in pedagogical methods along with great energy and enthusiasm. Maria brings exciting new ideas to life.Maria also impressed me with her commitment to lifelong learning. She is charismatic and creative, and she thinks outside the box. Maria has my highest recommendation and I look forward to learning more about the accomplishments that lie in her professional future.

Fahd Sharaf
Saudi Arabia

Amazing coaching session with Maria Kathlyn Tan!

Her ability to not only navigate and pinpoint key words, but bring clarity and connect the dots is truly life changing! Maria is upbeat, honest, straightforward, strategic and helpful above and beyond! Thank you Maria for your beautiful heart and sharing your gifts! Looking forward to continuing our work!

Robbin Caroll
the USA

Maria Tan is the best business coach I know and the only one I recommend.

I have said this more than a couple of times and I’ll say it once again, “Maria Tan is the best business coach I know and the only one I recommend.” And I have worked with A LOT  of business coaches over the past years. My vision when I started to step into the role of being the Oracle of the Orient was nothing like I ever had before. It was intense and immerse. Maria created the space for me to expand and discover what I truly desire to build. But she’s more than manifestation and empowerment, she taught me how to face my finances, to allocate and move around the budget for my business -  something no other business coach has helped me with. My stronger energy and the clarity I developed with my messaging called in clients without the need for manipulation and fear-based marketing, This was mind blowing for me, I finally experienced the ease I’ve been craving in my business. I’m just starting but there is no one else who I want to be with me in this journey other than Miracle Maria.

Jennica Collado
the Philippines

Maria’s changed the way I look at myself and my business. She’s pushed me past my own fears!

Maria completely turned my business around - the way I approach the business and the way I approach myself. I started to strategically think about long term business plans while taking high-quality small steps on a daily basis. She’s also helped me align my energies, let go of my fears, grow through my pains and more.  I highly recommend her for business strategies, planning and communications. The best thing about her is that on top of being a great business coach, she’s very good with energy and can really center you when you need it the most. Thanks to you Coach Maria, you have been and will continue to  be the one who pushes me past my own fears.

Zee N. Dlamini aka Chief Glammy

If you are ready to take action and start putting your business out there, Maria is the coach for you.

Working 1:1 with Maria is a DREAM. I appreciate her balance of strategy and spirituality. After our sessions, I know exactly what action steps I need to take to grow my business. Sometimes they are HARD steps, and I am so grateful for Maria’s phenomenal support in between sessions— It helps me to stay focused and keep going! Maria constantly pushes me out of my comfort zone and introduces me to new ways of “being in the business of me.” It is uncomfortable, but I have found that taking the risks and trying the new business strategies that Maria suggests has had huge results. I have had more movement in my business in the past few months than I have in the past year. Progress feels sustainable, and, personally, I feel my confidence as a business woman growing. I felt really scattered and unfocused when we started working together, and Maria helped me to see how all the different activities I loved connected to my core essence. I was SO WORRIED I was going to have to give-up things to build my business, but instead I am learning how to tune-in to my essence and explore how all the moving parts and seemingly disjoined activities of my business actually connect and work together. My relationships with time and money have changed as a result of our work together, and I have found that I am WAY more productive and have energy for all the things I love.

Kirsten Lee Hill
Education Consultant / Research Expert
the USA

As someone who’s had to overcome feelings of being second-class to defy odds and stretch her limits over and over again, I truly believe that when you own your difference, you can make a difference. When you are surrounded by like-minded people who share your values but can offer a different perspective while respecting your voice, you become limitless.

This is the motivation behind creating THE CEO CIRCLE  - a purpose-driven community for Visionaries, Creatives, Multipassionates, Non-Conformists, Entrepreneurs, and Lightworkers.


In this group, we support each other and help you avoid all the want-repreneur traps, like:
  • Bouncing from haphazard strategy to haphazard strategy without a plan
  • Bingeing on Tony Robbins and other “gurus,” hoping to obtain success by osmosis
  • Downloading every freebie available like a “secrets & hacks” hoarder


If this sounds like you, know this: you don’t have to stay a want-repreneur!  


And in case you’re wondering:

  • No, you don’t need to keep “throwing spaghetti at the wall”… because you can create the perfect strategy for yourself. 
  • No, you don’t have to keep consuming other people’s products… because you have your own voice.
  • No, you don’t have to keep downloading all. the. freebies… because you don’t want to waste time trying every trick in the book if they don’t align with you.


Entrepreneurship is actually very easy. You just need to know exactly what you’re selling, who you’re selling it to, and how you’re selling it.

Monetizing sustainably is very simple. You just need to understand how you make money (e.g., services, products, etc), and how you can create a business model that is able to scale according to what you offer.

Following your business vision without sacrificing your profit is possible. You just need to be clear on what your values are, set firm boundaries, and only take aligned actions. 

A few client success stories include:

  • Going from living on a government subsidy to an annual six-figure salary after four months of working with Maria 1:1. Kirsten was about to give up on her dreams because everybody, including experts, told her nobody would pay her for what she had in mind, but Maria helped her tweak a few things, reposition, and capitalize on her strengths.
  • Going from “being burnt-out” doing everything for a launch, to simply “being,” and taking only the smallest actions that produce the biggest results. Jennica worked with eight  coaches prior working with Maria. All those coaches told her she could only be successful if she followed THEIR strategies. Maria, on the other hand, showed Jennica how to just “be”... and quadrupled the results she wanted.
  • Going from feeling so confused and being so all-over-the-place, doing every single thing every guru told her to do, to being laser-focused and doing only things that are aligned with her vision, operating from the CEO Mindset and knowing when and how to take action. Sofia has shared with everyone how Maria is an all-in-one coach for inner and outer growth, in business and in all aspects of her life. 

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THE CEO CIRCLE is an exclusive community of entrepreneurs who want to:

  • have a space to network and share their thoughts openly without running the risk of being ridiculed for having unconventional or “crazy” ideas
  • practice pitching themselves and their offers, and be supported on their entrepreneurial journey while also supporting others
  • get customized feedback and help with filtering their thoughts, ideas, and perspectives on branding, marketing, selling, positioning, and monetizing
  • be 100% authentic to their voice, their values, and their vision


THE CEO CIRCLE isn’t your typical mastermind or group coaching program. In fact, there won’t be any modules or training.



Monthly Roundtable Sessions

for virtual networking, where you are engaged in conversations around business topics that are seldom talked about

Weekly Hot-Seat Q&A coaching threads

so that you get customized feedback on the issues you are experiencing in mindset, business strategy, and day-to-day tactics

Weekly pitching threads

where you can practice sharing about your offers—it’s important to feel comfortable talking about your business all the time

Weekly peer-support threads


where you ask for support from this engaged community of like-minded entrepreneurs


Sign up for CEO Circle today


It is said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Therefore, be very discerning of the circle you keep. It is very difficult to be motivated and innovative about your day-to-day business operations if you don’t have:

  • someone who gets why you don’t want to have a traditional job
  • someone who understands why you’d rather go broke than stay in a job that doesn’t speak to your heart.
  • someone who respects your value and sees your worth
  • someone in your corner who won’t tell you to “suck it up” when you have clients that are outright disrespecting you
  • someone who knows you don’t have to work harder to prove yourself and your worth
  • someone who really cares about you and celebrates your wins 

This CIRCLE is full of these “someones.” 

You don’t need to keep playing small, ignoring that burning desire in your stomach to go bigger and do better. You CAN do it!

Become part of the CEO CIRCLE today and Escape the Grind  of the Want-repreneur trap. Create the Impossible. Join the Next Billionaires.

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